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MidWest MX    15 February, 22, 11:50 pm
Video Description
Extreme weather on this enduro ride! I ride an enduro event in the mud, rain and fog. It was a mudfest by the end. Dirt bikes stuck on muddy hill climbs, deep water holes, roostings everywhere and not to mention it was absolutely freezing. Some people were even riding motocross bikes! I still had a great time riding my dirt bike though. It always helps when there's a mud party going on! For some reason the mud makes me happy. The muddier the better. It was a great enduro event in the woods with open trails and tricky sections. I will ride more of these for sure. A huge thank you to everyone who watches and supports what I do. You guys mean the world to me and I can't thank you enough.

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0:00 Start
2:00 Let's Ride
8:12 What do you eat before you ride?
9:32 Its A Mud Party! Full Lap