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Video Description
If you’re having trouble with your vocals, this tutorial video about mixing vocals will get you started. Remember to use the timestamps to navigate between topics!

We go through some compression basics and show you how to apply it to your vocal track and push it to the front of the mix using the Red 3 Compressor.

We demonstrate how to clean up your vocal track and make it stand out using our new FAST EQ. Finally, we use some chorus and delay to add the finishing touches.

What we used in the video:

Red Plug-In Suite -

FAST Equaliser -

Launchkey -

Ableton Live Lite -

00:00 - Intro
00:25 - Signal Chain
1:15 - What is Compression?
2:20 - Threshold
2:42 - Ratio
3:28 - Makeup Gain
3:47 - Attack
4:24 - Release
5:03 - Compression Reference Table
5:17 - What is EQ?
5:32 - Applying EQ Demo
7:09 - EFX
7:29 - Chorus (EFX)
8:27 - Delay (EFX)
9:38 - End