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Video Description
Introduction to History - CBSE Class VI Social Science Lesson by by Soma Mukhopadhyay for SuccessCDs Education

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About this Video:

When the past events are studied carefully and systematically on the basis of available material remains and records, it's called history. And the person who carries out such studies and records the findings is called a historian.

Do you know how Historians arranges the events?

They do it in the Chronologcal order.
i.e., events first followed by events that happened later.

Chronological Order

In history, we find dates with BC or AD- BC is the short form of Before Christ and AD means Anno Domini - i.e. in the year of the Lord.

AD is usually written before the number, e.g. AD 150- which means 150 years after the birth of the Christ and in the recent times we usually do not put AD before the year.

The dates for BC go backwards Thus, 232 BC will come before 185 BC.
50 B.C. 100 B.C. 200 B.C.

To calculate the number of years between a date in BC and one in AD, the two should be added together- e.g. 250 BC and AD 150 means.

250+150 = 400 years



At the beginning, man did not lead a settled life but wandered from place to place. He did not know how to read and write- the period of man's existence for which we have no written
records is called pre-History.

And that period of time for which we have written records is known as history.


Historians are more like detectives- they have conclusions from clues and evidences which are also called source materials..which are of 2 types:

Archaeological and

Archeological Source - ARTEFACTS
Archeological Source - Inscriptions
Archeological Source - Monuments

Literary Source -- All written Records

Inscriptions too are literary sources.

Literary Source -- Religious Literature
Literature on religious themes are called religious literature, e.g. Vedas, Pitakas and Angas.

Literary Source -- Secular Literature

The history that we read is the result of lifelong research by many scholars.

Love your HISTORY !

It helps us to understand our


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