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Video Description
In this video we review a brand-new pair of Allen Edmonds "Park Avenue" cap toe Oxfords in walnut, purchased in April of 2022. We go over the shoes with a "fine toothed comb" for any quality control issues, defects, and flaws. I also compare them to a pair of Fifth Avenues made in 1987, a pair of Park Avenues from 2001, a pair of McAllisters from 2017, and a pair of MacNeil 2.0 from 2019 to see if from this small sample size, can we see that quality had declined?

In my opinion, Allen Edmonds may be making more mistakes or letting shoes out with errors that they shouldn't, but I think the problem is most likely exaggerated because of the microscope effect of social media.

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This is the other video with Hayden that I referred to. I released it July of 2018 featuring a pair of Allen Edmonds:
"My Allen Edmonds have a spot that won't shine?!"

Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library:
"Beach Disco" by Dougie Wood