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Video Description
We're going to show you how any guy can approach a group of women and smoothly join their conversation. It can be very intimidating and scary to walk up to women you don't know but it's absolutely vital to learn if you want to have a lot of dating success. Men who have the skill and courage to do this on a regular basis are MUCH more successful than guys that don't. Being able to approach women in public when they're in groups is such a great skill since it's rare that you find single women alone.

In this video, we'll help you develop the mindset and skills necessary to do this on a regular basis without worrying about rejection. We're also going to narrow down on approaching groups of older women, who tend to be a lot more open to single guys talking to them.

As long as you do things in a fun and open way there is almost no chance you'll be shot down or rejected. A big part of this is reading the situation and we will help you do that.

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