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Video Description
OutKlip is an app that lets you record, edit and share screencast videos. OutKlip has two components - a browser extension and a web app.

The browser extension enables you to record screencast videos. The web app is for viewing, editing and sharing videos.

To begin, install the OutKlip browser extension. There are two browser extensions available for different browsers.
1. For Chrome, Opera or Brave browser, install the Chrome store extension:
2. For Microsoft Edge browser, install the Edge add-on:

When you install the browser extension, the OutKlip icon is initially hidden under a menu. Open the menu by clicking the puzzle piece icon on the browser toolbar.

After installing the browser extension, sign up at There are two sign up options, you can use either.
1. Email and password
2. Google account

After signing up, click the OutKlip browser extension icon and start recording screencasts.

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