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Video Description
Tesla Just Announced Release Date for New Model Y 2023

The 2023 Tesla Model Y's release date, along with all the new model year changes that are associated with it, is most likely going to be in the fall of 2022. The 2023 Model Y won't be available in the US and other markets until much later, though.
The 2022 Model Y customer deliveries currently have a long wait time. Considering this, it is likely that the 2023 Model Y won't begin shipping until early 2023 for the Performance trim and mid-2023 for the Long-Range trim, which is in higher demand.
Tesla Model Y, a crossover SUV, is currently the best-selling EV, and is expected to sell more units compared to the popular Model 3. Although the Model Y's handling and performance are not as good as the Model 3, it is more useful. In addition, the Model Y is one of the few electric cars with a third row of seats.

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