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Video Description
500k subscribers is a pretty big milestone and I really wanted to celebrate it with some different taste! That’s why I brought together everyone- my friends, fellow animators, BeatBaksho bhai and of course you FAMTIKs. We got hundreds of submissions and sorry if I couldn't keep you in the video. We tried our best, trust me.

All sounds in this acapella song have been created using ONLY voice and beatboxing. No instruments were harmed.

Lyrics & composition: Antik Mahmud
Lead Vocals: Antik Mahumd & BeatBaksho
Acapella Arrangement, Voicetruments, Production & Beatboxing: BeatBaksho

Mixed & Mastered: Subhro Raha ( LMG Beats-
Recorded at Bharitone Studios

Additional Voices: Famtiks from our Discord Server and Email submissions, Upoma, Adib, Japan, Aurib, Pitush, Maleeha, Mridul Animation, Frozen Fire Animation, TrewTen, Jenia.

Video Editor:
Azizul Islam Sahil,
@Nusair Saif-,
Antik Mahmud

Original song "Shera Boyfriend" has been composed on the copyright-free instrumental "Shake" by Anno Domini Beats
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Hidden letter:

Duita news age thekei diye rakhi….ei masher arekta video khub taratari ashtese...most probably ei masher 28tarikh or dhare dui number news….ki jani?...ami nijei bhule gesi…

Ei masher jei duita content ber hobe duitai amar favourite..ami janina keno..probably because duita content e grand...kintu khubi wholesome… erokom content ami varsityr 1st year er dike banaitam amar friend der jonno. Oi home vibe ta ei video gular moddhe ase. Usually ami amar ei channel e khub ekta beshi chehara dekhaina. Kintu ei content er pura ta jure amar face.. I guess shobai amar involved thaka joruri chilo.

Ekta interesting kahini hoise...beatbaksho bhai amake ekta videor link dise jekhane thai kono video te shera bofriend er instrumental bajtese. Polapan ordhek oikhane comment korse antik bhai copy korse...baki ordhek comment korse antik bhai ke copy korse… NA BRO!!!! Amra duijon e youtube er copyright free music download korsi, Original beat anno domini beats er...ei lok ta shera beats banay! Valorant er noob er instrumental o tar bananor. Salute for that guy. Also salute to BeatBaksho bhai. This guy is a legend. Ei lok ta eto pure heart music lover...sheta apni shamna shamni na dekhle bujhte parben na. Ar manush ta legit ei content er jonno amar che beshi khatse. So thank you bhai!! Famtik loves you!

Ei video bananor pise aro koyjoner khub boro haat ase sheta hocche Sahil, Nusair, 50s. Ora onek joss… Ei je exposure diye pay kore dilam… Done… oops beshi exposure diye disi….send me money.. Na kidding… amar discord server je koto talented (ar weird) manushe vora etar example era..

Ei mash onek hectic gese...but it was fun...probably ei year er best month for me. Event gese...friends der shathe mil house, dekha shakkhat hoise, huge shit.

Bohut gejaisi..apnar khobor ki?