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Video Description
Matt and Rebecca Zamolo need to stop the GMI so they recreate a Morgz style video to save the algorithm.

After Rebecca Zamolo made a giant fort inside of a gymnastics gym to find the missing RZ twin, they needed to keep the format switch-up going. This time they are going to try to DIY a Morgz video from scratch at Target. In order to keep the GMI from hacking into their youtube channels they need to do this challenge. The first round Matt must guess the price of a unicorn onesie that he does not want to purchase. When he guesses it right he then chooses a card by random and it turns out to be his own card. Daniel purchases baby clothes and Rebecca tries to win a fortnite backpack but is the worst at playing this game. The second round is electronics and Rebecca pranks Matt by recreating the fortnite dances behind him for 24 hours. Matt guesses wrong and does not win the new iPhone. Daniel wins a VR set and Rebecca guesses wrong on the the price of a drone to spy on people with. Daniel receives a mysterious text and it turns out to be from RZ Twin. Maybe we should go through Daniel's camera roll! They are at the wrong Target. When they arrive at the new location it turns into a hide and seek while Rebecca stays in the car. Matt and Daniel see the Real Game Master. Should they follow him for the next 24 hours? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!

#morgz #challenge #iphone

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