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Video Description
How many Earths would be needed to sustain the lifestyle of everyone living like David Dobrik? SPOILER ALERT: IT'S A LOT!
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David Dobrik lives in a 9.5 million dollar mansion with an Aston Martin and a career that withstands many controversies. Jake Paul, James Charles, Kim K, The Sway House also share similar lifestyles. BIG MANSIONS, MANSION TOURS, HOLLYWOOD HILL INFINITY POOLS, PRIVATE JETS, FIRST CLASS FLIGHTS etc. And uploading videos about these insane lifestyles get MAD clicks, buuuuut the environmental impact of the lifestyles ruin the planet. So, today we we did a thought experiment to figure out what would happen if everyone on Earth lived like an influencer, and lemme tell you - the results are INSANE!!!

Written by Greg Brown
Edited by Luka Šarlija

The Story Of More by Hope Jahren
Metazoa By Peter Godfrey-Smith
Inconspicuous Consumption by Tatiana Schlossberg's%2037%20members%20are,Poland%2C%20Portugal%2C%20Slovak%20Republic%2C