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Video Description
Rebecca Zamolo recently had a name reveal of the mystery Man during a smurfs in real life challenge. However before that Matt and Rebecca realized Maddie was taken. They tried spending 24 hours escaping a train for a face reveal. Now we have finally trapped the pizza delivery person and will do a face reveal. First we need to test him and he said his name is Connor. Why would Maddie's brother betray us like this. He has to spend 24 hours in the tiny house before we can reveal his secrets. Matt believes it is Connor because he likes to video games like fortnite, minecraft, robox and piggy. But he is so bad at basketball. Rebecca thinks that it is Zoe because he fails the eye test on the last to fall in the pool challenge. Maddie believes it is Oreon because he went missing right before this major event happened. Who do you think will reveal themselves with this face reveal? Maybe it is another mystery person we haven't thought of? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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