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DemiPixel    27 September, 15, 1:56 am
Video Description
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1) Go to your config folder:
/Steam/SteamApps/common/Team Fortress 2/tf/cfg
2) If you haven't already, add every class's config files (e.g. medic.cfg, sniper.cfg, heavyweapons.cfg, engineer.cfg, etc)
3) In each config other than medic, add: bind MOUSE2 +attack2
4) In the medic.cfg, add: bind MOUSE2 +uberchance
5) Add to the medic.cfg one of the following packages:

1 in 2:
1 in 5:
1 in 20:
1 in 100 (Comp only):
1 in 500 (plat+invite only):
1 in 1 (youtubers only): bind MOUSE2 kill

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