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Video Description
By the end of the video, students will be able to
1. Explain the contribution of employees to the vulnerability of information systems;
2. Differentiate unintentional and deliberate threats to information systems;
3. List down incidents of human errors that cause dangers to information systems;
4. Describe social engineering;
5. Enumerate techniques used for social engineering;
6. Discuss espionage and information extortion;
7. Identify ways of perpetrators to do cybervandalism;
8. Explain losses of an organization when there is theft of equipment;
9. Determine the methods to obtain information for identity theft act of offenders;
10. Define the different categories of malware attacks;
11. Express the various examples of alien software; and
12. Examine the similarity and differences between cyberterrorism and cyberwarfare.

00:00 Introduction
00:10 Categories of Threats to Information Systems
00:24 Unintentional Threats due to Employees
01:30 Human Errors that cause Damages to Information Systems
03:00 Social Engineering
04:14 Deliberate Threats to Information Systems
04:29 Espionage
04:41 Information Extortion
05:34 Cyber vandalism
05:57 Theft of Equipment
06:20 Identity Theft
07:04 Malicious Software Attack
09:03 Alien Software Attack
09:52 Cyberterrorism and Cyberwarfare
10:58 References
11:05 Subscribe and More Videos

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