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Video Description
In just three years, Creedence Clearwater Revival, led by singer John Fogerty, released a slew of memorable rock and roll hits. Behind the scenes, however, the band's surge to the top was marred by infighting and lawsuits. This is the tragic real-life story of CCR.

Creedence Clearwater Revival's famous anti-war tune "Fortunate Son" is sung from the perspective of a less privileged youth who cannot afford to evade the U.S. draft. The song has become synonymous with the era to the point of parody. Songwriter John Fogerty and drummer Doug Clifford, who formed a high school band called "The Blue Velvet," along with John's brother Tom and bassist Stu Cook, lived this reality when John and Doug were drafted.

Fogerty knew that his draft number was coming up, so he immediately signed onto the US Army Reserves, where he worked as a supply clerk. While only on active duty for six months, Fogerty traveled to Fort Bragg in North Carolina, underwent advanced individual training at the Quartermaster School in Fort Lee, Virginia, and, between those periods, was stationed at Fort Knox.

Despite living among fellow soldiers, Fogerty told the Military Times that the Vietnam War was still unpopular with his fellow countrymen. Fogerty told the outlet:

"The war was very unpopular. Even with us in the military — we weren't in love with that war. Nobody really wanted to go fight in a jungle."

Fogerty's time in the military gave him the perspective that eventually led him to write many of his famous songs over the rest of the decade. By 1968, as the war was still raging on, Fogerty's and Clifford's stints in the Army had concluded.

Watch this video for the tragedy of Creedence Clearwater Revival!

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Two members were drafted | 0:00
CCR performs at Woodstock | 1:37
Success during tumultuous times | 3:05
John Fogerty finally relents | 4:23
Tom Fogerty leaves CCR | 5:22
Mardi Gras | 6:05
Fogerty fights Fantasy Records | 7:23
Tom and John Fogerty's relationship | 8:24
Hall of Fame | 9:28
A CCR reunion? | 10:58

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