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Video Description
Missing Footage / Further “Evidence" :
Evidence in the Guesthouse
Investigators noted a bottle of clear liquid, assumed to be water, present in the master bedroom of the guesthouse where Adam Shacknai stayed on the night of July 12th. The bottle was not tested for DNA evidence, drawing criticism from the Zahaus and their experts.Evidence technicians at the scene of Rebecca’s death found a pair of white, pink, and purple women’s underwear in a wastebasket in the guesthouse where Adam Shacknai was staying. The Zahaus and others critical of SDSO say that the underwear should have been tested for DNA and evidence of assault.
Fingerprints & DNA
Forensic analyst Lisa DeMeo testified that she reviewed SDSO’s crime scene photos, fingerprints lifted from the scene, the autopsy report, and DNA analyses. She also looked at two knives that had been found in the mansion guest bedroom.
DeMeo testified that Adam’s fingerprints and DNA were not found on any of the surfaces tested by police investigators. There was also no Fingerprints found on the paint brushes, they had nothing found on them from either sides. It was believe that they were wiped down.The large Knife was tested and Rebeccas finger prints were found but only on the blade. It was in a weird spot as well, she tried to figure out how her fingers would’ve been on this blade and concluded it fit perfectly as if the blade was behind Rebeccas back, her fingers on the blade as if she was trying to cut through the rope. There were no prints on the handle of the knife.
Smaller knife, her blood DNA was found on the knife but there was no fingerprints found on the blood. The blood was found on the entire bottom of the knife and caked up in the grooves. There was no blood found on Rebeccas hands or any source of blood on Rebecca except for her period/menstrual cycle. The knife had to be inserted or rubbed against her vaginal area. She was assaulted . The police had tested the knife but nobody did anything with that piece of evidence.
Handwriting Evidence
The Zahaus’ legal team hired handwriting expert Michael Wakshull, who testified that he compared of several letters of the painted message with known handwriting samples/court documents of both Rebecca and Adam. The witness testified that based upon his examination, he believed that it was more likely that Adam had written the text than Rebecca. The biggest factor was the letter M. When Adam used the letter M the M was long, extended towards the end , it swooshed down. The M on the wall also swooshed down. The writing on the wall leaned to the left, Rebeccas writing leaned to the right and guess who’s writing leaned to the left, Adam . Also, he stated that when writing on a wall we are most likely to write at shoulder level, the writing if it was at shoulder level would come from someone who was 5’11 , Rebecca was 5’2 and Adam was 5’10

Ugh sorry that happened! I was so bummed to see the MAIN CHUNK of evidence to further prove something happened to Rebecca was missing.Thank you for your patience with me and my small errors.
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