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Video Description
Our life is made up of daily moments. And I really see my health as one of the keys to being happy.
So here are some things that I do on a very regular basis to curate a life for myself that I love to live.

Because, if you don’t love your life, something needs to be changed.
And you will always have that power 🦋

My Experience Practicing Yoga Every Day for 1 Year:

My instagram:

00:00 intro
01:17 i don’t check my phone as soon as I wake up
01:53 daily exercise
02:30 regular yoga practice
03:35 valuing the quality of my food
04:57 being present at meals
05:25 setting technological boundaries
06:53 prioritising sleep
08:20 sunlight & sun exposure
09:13 being confident & backing myself
09:54 it’s okay to spend money on myself
10:36 honouring myself
10:50 carve out downtime & don’t waste it
11:28 make space for the things that fill my cup

Thank you for watching ☀️