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Video Description
After owning them for one year, I review a pair of Florsheim Castellano Wing Oxfords. They're actually a derby, and would be referred to as a wingtip brogue.
1. I apologize for the shakiness. I do this for fun, not for profit, and my kid was the camera operator. This was also one of the 1st videos I did.
2. UPDATE: Oct 2017: After 2 years of wearing them, the darker burnishing is starting to peel off. I stripped it all off and re-airbrushed it on with dye. The leather is still in great shape and there is no cracking and no separation of the welt or sole from the uppers. I own several pairs of Allen Edmonds, and it’s clear these are not in the same category, but still seem to be a okay for a "cheap shoe".
3. UPDATE Sept 2022: My standards for acceptable quality have risen since purchasing these shoes. As of September 2022 it's no longer on their website, and is replaced by other similar models under a different name. NOTE: This shoe on the surface APPEARS to be Goodyear Welted, but the soles are in fact bonded (glued on), with a cosmetic non-functional stitch on the welt and on the outsole. Today my brands of choice for new shoes are Allen Edmonds or Cobbler Union. Both should be purchased on sale. See this video to learn how to tell the difference:
"How to Spot FAKE Shoe Sole Stitching!"