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Video Description
In this video, we have a conversation on the Art of Product Management with Hareesh Nagarajan, an exemplary Product Manager from Google.

Hareesh has made key contributions to multiple product lines at Google, which include AdWords, Google Fiber and most recently Mobile Search Ads. We learnt from Hareesh about what PMs do, how they can be highly effective in their role and what he looks for in hiring PMs.

• What does a product manager do?
• Where do product ideas come from?
• What are a product manager's deliverables?
• How to do about gathering requirements and data?
• What kind of experiments to run to gauge the impact of product changes?
• How to price product?
• How far out do PMs need to plan for?
• How to work well with engineering teams?
• How do you measure the performance of a product manager?
• How to evangelize product ideas in an organization?
• How to get customer input?
• How to un-ship product?
• How to hire PMs?
• What are some useful sources of information for a PM?

Visit for a transcript of the interview.