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Video Description
Rocky Brings over Q for a face reveal and to get the truth about the GMI to see if the Game Master was real!

After Rebecca Zamolo built the highest DIY Tower using only back to school supplies Rocky finally shows up. He brings the former Red Hood Hacker Q. Q accepts the challenge to take the lie detector mixture with his Best friend Matt. Matt and Rebecca ask questions to see if the GMI is real or if it was all a game. After the Hacker does a face reveal he starts to tell the truth and not like a liar. The GMI is giving everyone barcodes and now is starting to track them with scanners on drones. Daniel asks if it is a secret hidden location and Q said he is asking the wrong questions. The quadrant is no longer and he doesn't have access to the GMI headquarters. When they realize that RZ twin does have the right access they decide to rescue her. Can they stop the hacker group before they take over youtube or delete any more channels? Do you think we should have Q take a lie detector test so we can get information about the GMI contract? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment family friendly comedy videos for in 2019!

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