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Video Description
In this video I do a brief review of my Allen Edmonds McAllister wingtip Oxfords that I purchased in September of 2017. The majority of the video is spent stripping the wax and finish off of the shoes to re-color them darker, and add a burnishing/patina back on. Both are done with Fiebings alcohol leather dye. The existing toe burnishing was done with dark wax, and is very delicate, as whenever I bump my toe against something it gets scraped off leaving a light streak.

0:46 My end goal with the shoes
1:39 2 year review of the shoes
4:25 Explanation of Allen Edmonds 65 Last
7:25 How and why I added leather padded insoles
8:13 Beginning of stripping the old finish with Saphir Renomat
11:26 Stripping the old finish with Acetone
14:00 The old finish completely stripped
15:17 Dying the shoes with an airbrush
21:08 The dyed shoes
21:23 Does it bring you joy? The old color irritated me
22:15 Conditioning the shoes with Saphir Renovateur mink oik based moisturzer
25:04 Brushing the shoes off; polishing them with Saphir Bordeaux cream polish
27:12 Sapir Pate DeLuxe neutral paste wax
28:18 Mirror Shining the toes with Saphir Mirror Gloss
33:46 The finished result!
35:10 Closing shots & outro

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Music Credit: YouTube Audio Library:
1. "Bravado" by Rondo Brothers
2. "The Bywater" by the Mini Vandals
3. "Fond Memories" by SYBS
4. "No Good Right" by Freedom Trail Studio
5. "Patent Doll" by Freedom Trail Studio
6. "Sangria" by SaidbySed
7. "Two of Us" by SaidbySed
8. "Discofunque" by Francis Preve