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Video Description
Stay motivated and focused during Board Exam preparation - Tips and Tricks. Are are appearing for Board Exams. How to deal with Exam Stress. Stay Motivated. This video gives us tips staying motivated during the stressful exam period to achieve the outcome you want. How to motivate yourself during exams

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How to stay Motivated for board exams students
Do difficult things first: Start with the subject you find least interesting and boring. So that you don’t get panic near your exam time .
Make a To Do list everyday: You will feel a sense of satisfaction on completing your list everyday .
Surround yourself with positivity: Create an environment where you are surrounded by positive people, read motivational quotes and listen to motivational songs .
Say NO to distractions : Stay away from all sorts of distractions created by social media and television .
Meditation: Meditation help in reducing stress and improve concentration .
Don’t Compare : Don’t compare yourself with others try to become the best version of yourself.
Good start of the day : Start your day with some kind of physical activity it will keep you energetic throughout the day.
Reward yourself : Analyze your performance on every day basis and pat yourself on the back for doing great work .

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