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Video Description
It's incredibly important to know what it means when a single older woman is looking at you. If you're not very experienced it's easy to assume any look or eye contact from a woman means that she's attracted to you and wants you to talk to her. Unfortunately, that's often not the case!

In this video, we're going to go through the different types of looks you can receive from an older woman, what they mean, what they DON'T mean, and how you can tell them all apart. The last thing you want is to misinterpret her eye contact with you and make a fool out of yourself!

We go over this in way more detail in our full course on meeting and attracting older women (see the link below). If you feel like you need a little more step-by-step instruction to get the results you want you should definitely check it out! It's made for guys who could use an in-depth guide.

When a woman looks at you it's really easy to assume that she likes what she sees and is romantically interested in you. However, there are a handful of other very common reasons she might be looking right at you that have nothing to do with that. You need to be able to spot the differences in real-time and know how to respond best.

Our dating experts have outlined the main situations you will face and share the first-hand experience as well as the experience from many single older women who have been in this very situation.

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