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Video Description
Business Insider spoke to Jody Shield, a meditation guru and author, about how to say no without feeling guilty.

She said: "Saying no is usually for most people quite a challenging thing to do. Why? Because we love saying yes."

"Every time you say yes you are giving a little piece of your energy and your power away to that person."

"Practice being honest and tune into how you really feel about what this person is asking you to do and say a gentle no, nice no."

"It's much more kind to say no than to say yes to something that you genuinely don't connect to or can not add value to in your life."

"Isolate something that someone's asked you – if you would attend or do for them, and practice saying no to that thing in the mirror. It really, really helps."

"When you say anything from the heart, the way that it's received from the other person is in a very calm, open, and peaceful way. It's a very nonthreatening way of communicating to someone else. Say a really healthy clean and clear no from the heart."

"When you speak from the heart, the other person feels held and supported when you are talking to them."

"It's a very lovely way of expressing from you and a way that they would receive it in the best way for them as well."

Jody Shield is the author of "LifeTonic: A Modern Toolkit to Heal Your Life and Soothe Your Soul" ( She is also a speaker, a meditation ambassador for Lululemon UK, and an intuitive mentor.

Follow Jody Shield on YouTube channel LifeTonic TV ( and Instagram page (


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