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Video Description
📝 For complete notes of Lectures, visit Umang Batch in the Batch Section of PhysicsWallah App/Website.
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▶️Complete CLASS 8TH - MATHS ONE SHOT Lectures -

In this lecture of Umang batch, Ritk sir is going to teach you about mensuration.

Topics covered in this lecture are-
•2-D & 3-D figures
•What is pie?
•Areas of general quadilateral
•Area of trapezium, rhombus and other polygons
•Solid shapes

There are many other important chapters that we are going to cover in upcoming videos for class 8. Stay tuned with PhysicsWallah Foundation.

NOTE: This batch is completely FREE, you just have to click on the "BUY NOW" button for your enrolment.

🔴 Details about the batch -

• Recorded Lectures for Class 8th Students.

• PDF Notes of each Lecture will be available on the PW App.

• Weekly Lecture Planner will be uploaded on PW Foundation Community Page.

• Classes will start from 10th January and we will cover the whole syllabus by 10th March.

🎦 Eight Lectures per week will be uploaded.



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