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Video Description
1. "It's Pink, But Is It Mink?"- Once again, the Pink Panther appears to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. The place is the jungle with "Tarzan" in the clutches of a very domineering and strong-willed "Jane."
2. "Pink Punch" -Introducing a new drink called "Pink Punch," the Pink Panther finds a green asterisk on his sign. When he tries to take it off, his finger turns green.
3. "Pink Piper"-The Pink Panther takes his role of the Pied Piper in good ole medieval times, and goes from place to place piping troublesome mice out of houses for a small fee.
4. "Pink Outs"- In this cartoon, the Pink Panther becomes involved in a series of unrelated sight gags, each ending when the screen "Pinks Out."
5. "Pink Lightning"- The Pink Panther buys a new car which was previously owned by Dr. Jekyll. It's a demon car. The demon speeds up and slows down whenever it wants to, causing traffic problems and the Panther a bundle of tickets.
6."Pink Pest Control"- The Pink Panther brings a log of wood into his house that has a little termite inside it. He inadvertently antagonizes the insect when he puts the log on the fire, and the termite vows to get even.

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